B.NY International Startup Center will become New York’s official incubator for international startups. This centre will create 500 jobs 

(Brooklyn, NY) The Dutch B. Amsterdam, one of the most successful business incubators in Europe, opens it's American Flagship complex in Brooklyn Navy Yard. It will be the first official international incubator of New York. B. New York will support European companies that want to expand in New York, their business building provides a 100.000 square feet facility. This will afford 500 jobs. The collaboration between the Amsterdam establishment offers American entrepreneurs with European ambitions acces to the European facilities of B.Amsterdam. 

The news was announced by the New York’s Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development Alicia Glen and her compeer Kajsa Ollongren from Amsterdam. David Ehrenberg, president of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation, the Dutch Consulate General in New York Rob de Vos and Co-founder of B.Amsterdam Ricardo van Loenen were present as well. The renovation work on the new premises will start at the beginning of next year. The focus of the companies lies on the product development, hardware and technology. At least 15 percent of the space is intended for production. By means of this, B.Amsterdam contributes to the explosive growth of Navy Yards. In the coming five years, with a planned expansion of jobs from 7.000 to 16.000 jobs, the employment will be bigger than doubled. 

B. Startup School Amsterdam

B.Amsterdam offers young and unemployed Talents a chance to own their professional and corporate future, with BBSA (B. Startup School Amsterdam). During a program of nine months, hundreds of students gain essential knowledge and skills that they will need to become successful as programmers, experienced designers, growth hackers and creators of digital content. The training programs are provided by well known institutions such as Hyper Island, New York Code + Design Academy, Le Wagon, and The Talent Institute. B.Amsterdam will create a comparable education platform in collaboration with Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York.

"B.Amsterdam American Flagship site in Brooklyn Navy Yard will connect the business communities in Brooklyn and the rest of New York with new technology companies and product designers in Europe and will give a boost to innovation and collaboration in the Navy Yard. We are looking forward to the collaboration with B.Amsterdam, so that the startups can develop themselves into important employers.”, according to David Ehrenberg, President and CEO of the Brooklyn Navy Yard. 

NYC Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development Alicia Glen said: "This place of B.Amsterdam at the Navy Yard will become a launching pad for new businesses across the five boroughs. These startups provide an increase of living-wage jobs for New Yorkers. We are thrilled that the collaboration with the city Amsterdam leads to innovation and economic growth on both sides of the atlantic ocean.” 

Amsterdam's deputy mayor Kajsa Ollongren, responsible for economics, arts and culture mentioned: "Cities like Amsterdam, Paris and Stockholm are exploding of entrepreneurs that want to conquer the world with a new product or service. And they are all searching for a fast and agile way to amplify. With B.NY, European startups will easier get acces to the American market. And companies from the U.S can discover Europe trough the Amsterdam network with the same comfort. Im very grateful for this new step in our collaboration with New York that is focussed on economic growth for the future.” 

 The arrival of B. Amsterdam in New York is due to a partnership between the deputy mayors of New YorkCity, Alicia Glen, and Amsterdam, Kajsa Ollongren. Their target is to provide extra chances with the international expansion for startups in both cities. New York and Amsterdam are both collaborating in different ways. The series of Startup Bootcamps, organized by Startup Amsterdam and NYCEDC is an example of that. 

In May 2016 opened two US companies, Motaword and Dynamite Labs, opened Amsterdam offices where they were supported by the two deputy mayors. These companies are in good company; Netflix, Tesla and Nextdoor recently opened European headquarters in Amsterdam as well. Dutch technology startups such as, VanMoof, Shapeways, Adyen and EV-Box have chosen New York already before them, to operate the American market trough New York Currently, more than 850 Dutch companies have their offices in the United States. They are responsible for more than 740,000 jobs. 

Brooklyn Navy Yard 

Brooklyn Navy Yard is property of the City of New York and is run by the nonprofit Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation (BNYDC). NYDC rents space in the Yard, promotes local economic development, develops underutilized areas and monitors modernization of the infrastructure. The Brooklyn Navy Yard was established in 1801 and was for over more than 150 years one of the most important military facilities in America. 

Today, the Yard is a thriving industrial park where more than 7,000 people are working in more than 300 companies. In 2011, BDC opened a multifunctional visitor center for exhibitions and education named BLDG92. Fundamental is; the history, actuality and future of the Yard as a national model for sustainable urban industry and job creation. 

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B.Amsterdam Boilerplate 

B. Amsterdam was founded in 2014 by Ricardo van Loenen, Guus Meulendijks and Bas van Veggel (Timeless Investments From Veggels family business). B.Amsterdam's mission is to build the best ecosystem where entrepreneurs can develop their business. It started with a building of about 18,000 square meters, filled with 250 startups, enterprises and 950 passionate people. 

In September 2016 B.2 openend, the second building. Over 10,000 square meters for three fast-growing sectors: HR technology, Education, FinTech and Internet of Things. B. has a gym, a cinema, rooms for events, meeting rooms and three lounges where there are more than 750 served lunches on a daily base B. receives more than 500,000 visitors each year. 

Bureau, a 1000 square meters large restaurant on the top floor that has a roof terrace of 1,500 square meters with a garden from which you can look out over Amsterdam. Startup school BSSA educates 500 unemployed and ambitious young people every year. They learn the skills that startups need. growth hacking, programming, experience design and development of digital content. The training is given by renowned institutions such as Hyper Island, New York Code + Design Academy, Le Wagon, and The Talent Institute. 

There is now a European collaboration as well, Startup City Alliance Europe (SCALE). SCALE is a network of 13 European capitals, helping startups to grow (faster): Berlin, London, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Brussels, Lisbon, Oslo, Madrid, Barcelona, Prague and Amsterdam. 

Now it’s time for this new step, New York.